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venue rentals


Time Slot Options

Day 11:00AM – 4:00PM

Evening 6:00PM – 11:00PM
* A 50% non-refundable deposit locks in your date and time
Your purchased rental time includes a total of 5 hours
(1 hour for set up, 3 hours to party and 1 hour for clean up)
* The space must be fully cleared of all décor at your check out time
to ensure that it is cleared for the next event. 

* Holiday rates are subject to an increase in rate


modern furniture in shades of white, cream and silver to create a clean and bare color palette for you to choose your event’s theme and colors without any clashes

plenty of class activity options for your guests

designated areas for your food, cake and gift tables

hassle - free parking garages for your guests

Catering and Drinks

A licensed caterer is required if you plan to provide food for your event. There are plenty of event caterers for every price point and food style at :

Your licensed caterer will be verified by our team three days before your event.

You may provide your own alcohol, but, to ensure that it is safely served to age appropriate guests, our front desk staff will check IDs and stamp your guests inner wrists to track which guests can be served alcoholic beverages. All alcohol, sodas and juices must be provided by the customer.


The Horizon Studio includes

44 - clear ghost chairs

8 - 60" by 30" white tables

6 - 30" by 30" white tables

1 - 60" by 30" modern, white front desk that can be used as a focal point cake table or presentation table -- this desk cannot be moved

The Airy Studio includes

30 - white geometric chairs

6 - 60" by 30" white tables

3 - 30" by 30" white tables

Seating Details

venue prices.jpg

venue rental Key Points

Rental Rates

Airy Studio

Horizon Studio

Full Venue





Monday - Friday

11:00AM - 4:00PM


Monday - Friday

6:00PM - 11:00PM

Saturday - Sunday

11:00AM - 4:00PM

Saturday - Sunday

6:00PM - 11:00PM









- If you rent the Airy Studio, it is located in the back of the venue and another class or event may occur in the other studio during the time of your event.


- If you rent the Horizon Studio or the Full Venue, other classes or events will not occur during the time of your rental. If you intend to have the entire space reserved solely for your guests, you will need to reserve the Horizon Studio or the Full Venue.


- Your five hour time slot must account for all pre-event decorating, event activities and breakdown and trash removal.

We suggest that you account for enough help to allow for 1 hour for decor set up and 3 hours for the event to occur.


- The last hour of the event must be used for breakdown and trash removal to ensure that the space is cleared in full for any events that may occur after your event. Our staff member will notify you that clean up must start during the last hour of the rental. If you need more than 3 hours of time for the actual event, please purchase additional hours as needed. Please email us to discuss extended hours for your event.


- Additional hours are very likely to be unavailable if you wait until the day of the event to request it because we typically book other classes or events directly after your event. 

- Your guests will be expected to be fully cleared from the space for the last half hour of the event to ensure that the space is fully cleared in time. A $150 late exit fee will be charged for late exits.  

- All food must be provided by a licensed caterer

- DJs are not permitted. Due to our location inside of a mall, we must respect the noise levels needs for our surrounding establishments. We do have a portable bluetooth speaker that can be used for music. Music levels cannot surpass the typical levels that you hear in other stores in the mall. 

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