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Below is a list of common questions and their answers:


1. Can I add on extra tickets on the day of my paint party?

Yes, you can add on up to 4 extra tickets on the day of the event. You cannot reduce ticket counts after the party is booked, but, you can add on additional tickets in the studio on the day of the event.

2. can I bring my decor items in early?

 Unfortunately, you cannot bring in any items before your purchased rental time.  Since we have other events directly before and after your event, your decor items must be brought in during your paid venue rental or paint party time.  Please purchase the time slot that allows you the time that you need to comfortably set up your decor items. For example, if your party is reserved from 12:00PM to 4:00PM, you will be able to enter the studio at 12:00PM and you must be out in full by 4:00PM. 

3. how do I reserve my venue rental or paint party?

To lock in your date on the calendar, you just need to complete payment of the

non-refundable 50% deposit and sign off on the agreement. Booking is completed online directly on our site. There is a "book here" button under the venue rental, paint party and rental item areas on the site. Until this is fully completed, the date is still available for other customers.

4. Do you offer any rental items? 

Yes! We offer backdrops, balloon garlands and decor items. Nearly all of our customers reserve our decor pieces because its very convenient to have those items already out and ready when you walk in the door for your event. It saves you a lot of set up time! 

5. do you sell food or drinks?

 No. We do not sell food or drinks. However, our paint parties do include 2 complimentary glasses of wine for each guest who is 21+. 

6. will your staff be available to help set up during my event?  

All event decorating and layout changes must be completed by the customer or their designated event team. Please be sure to have enough help during your set up time to ensure everything is fully set for your event. We always suggest assigning specific tasks to your team before the day of the event.  


7. Can I have 3 kids tickets and 3 adult tickets instead of 6 adult tickets at my paint party? :

Absolutely! You can combine kids tickets and adult tickets however you would like. There is just a minimum requirement of 6 tickets in total. 


If you want to bring food, drinks, balloons, decor items or a cake table, you will need to purchase an extra hour of time for $100 per hour. The only item that you can bring without purchasing extra time is a cake or cupcakes. 

9. Why do I have to buy extra time to bring food or decor to a paint party? 

Extra time is needed to set up food and decor items. It also extends the amount of time that you desire to mingle, eat and drink before or after the painting portion of the party. After your event is over, we must also account for the extra time needed to complete our cleaning measures. We have to plan out our schedule according to the true time needed for your full event to ensure that the schedule flows smoothly for all of our customers.

10. My guests are adults but we do not drink alcohol. Can we purchase kids tickets? 

Adult tickets are for anyone who is over 18 regardless of whether they drink alcohol or not. It is a similar concept to adult tickets at any other establishment, including movie theaters, amusement parks and restaurants. Tickets are based on age and not whether or bot the attendee drinks the wine that is provided. 

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