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our story

Once upon a time...


1. I was engaged.

[wedding, bridal shower, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner]

2.  My best friend was pregnant. 

[baby shower]

3. My sister had just purchased a home.

[house warming] 

4. My other friend was planning her daughter's milestone 5th birthday.

[extravagant milestone kid's party]

Basically, an entire year of my life was abruptly dedicated to planning several once in a lifetime, milestone events at the same time! I love a good challenge, but I secretly would have LOVED if a pretty, well decorated, themed event magically appeared in a box on my doorstep.  So... I decided to make that possible for others!


All of our event kits have items that are hand picked, well thought out and polished. I took my time and dedicated to putting together events that I would be proud to host. I knew I was up to something magical when my customers were stuck on which one to purchase because they loved so many of the options.


Take the hassle out of planning your next event and purchase one of our kits. Every detail has been planned for you. Each kit includes tableware, decorative centerpieces, a cake table and party favors! Kits are sold in counts of 12 for up to 72 guests. Enjoy! We love it when the confetti falls!

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