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private candle making parties



Paint Party Minimum Costs are as follows : 


$210 - 6 tickets
+ $75 - private studio fee
$285 total

Additional Tickets
$35 each
$100 per extra hour of time

- There is an 6 ticket minimum required to book private paint parties

- There is a maximum number of 24  candle makers per party. However, there are 48 chairs in the studio so you are welcome to
 have up to 48 guests in total.

 Guests do not need to purchase tickets if they do not plan to make a candle.

 - Every private paint party incurs a $75 private studio fee. This reserves the studio for a private party that only your guests can attend.

- Up to 4 additional tickets can be purchased on the day of the event for $35 per ticket. 

- Ticket counts cannot be decreased from what was listed on the booking reservation on the day of the party if your guests do not arrive. 


- All materials are provided

- Our candle making instructor will lead the class with step-by-step instructions to help your party create their custom scented candles

- We have a music speaker in the studio and you're welcome to play the music of your choice during your private party. Or, our instructors can play a standard playlist of music for you.

- Tickets include 2 complimentary glasses of wine. You can also bring in your own additional drinks of choice. 


- Paint parties typically last for an hour and a half to two hours depending upon the speed and size of your party. Two hours are allocated for each paint party. Extra hours of time can be purchased for $100 an hour.

- You will only have access to the studio for the exact hours that you reserve. For example, with an 12:00PM - 2:00PM rental, you will be able to enter the studio to begin set up at 12:00pM and you must be out in full by 2:00PM.

- If you choose the paint party with extra time (3 or 4 hour parties), the first hour will be dedicated as time for decor set up and for your guests to eat, sing happy birthday and mingle. Please be sure to have your food delivered accordingly. The next two hours of time will be dedicated to the painting portion of the paint party. 

- Additional hours of time must be purchased when you book your party. Our class and event schedule for the rest of the day will be planned according to the hours that you select during the time of your booking. 


- Food is only allowed at the event if an extra hour of time has been purchased. We must account for the extra time needed for your party to eat when we are scheduling our other events for the day.

- The only item that you may bring to your paint party without purchasing an extra hour of time is a cake or cupcakes. 

Balloons and decor

- We offer several balloon decor and rental items within the studio. They can booked after you book your paint party reservation. You would simply go to the decor rental and balloons page on our website and click "book here". That will direct you to select the date, time and type of party that you booked so that we can link your decor and/or balloon items to your party. We offer a wide range of in-studio rentals for all types of events!

- You are also welcome to bring in your own decor or event vendors- Helium(floating) balloons are strictly prohibited. Helium balloons are balloons that require a helium pump and will float into the ceiling if they are let loose. These balloons are prohibited by both, Springfield Town Center and Sunrise Art Studios.

- You're welcome to bring in air filled balloons that float along the floor. Balloon garlands are also air-filled balloons that are a great alternative to helium balloons

- Wall decor is strictly prohibited. You cannot tape, hang or nail any items to the walls. The removable wall hooks are prohibited as well because they cause the paint to peel off of the walls. Attempting to place anything on the walls will result in a $150 damage fee. Please plan decor that does not require hanging or bring in a stand to hang it on. 


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